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Real Estate Investment Criteria

Property Type: Single Tenant and Multi-Tenant industrial properties
Transaction Size: $5 to $25 million for a single asset purchase
$25 million plus for a portfolio acquisition
Year Built: Generally 1990 and newer
Building Size: 50,000 to 500,000 square feet
Design: Functional modern buildings:
Warehouse / Distribution / R & D / Manufacturing
Markets: Major port and distribution markets with primary focus in California
Capital Structure: All cash or, Debt and Equity with a low loan-to-value (less than 50%)
Lease Term: Long-term or short-term lease expirations
Vacant Buildings: Yes, we have and will purchase vacant buildings
Due Diligence: Generally 30 to 45 days
Capitalization Rate: Dependent on existing lease rate(s) to market, condition of the property, location of the property and other economic factors
Sale/Leasebacks: We have extensive experience in sale/leaseback transactions that provide capital to companies by acquiring their owned real estate and leasing it back to the seller
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